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The Argentine No-Till Farmers Association (Aapresid) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization. It is made of a network of agricultural producers who share interest in the conservation of their essential resource, the soil. They adopted and promoted a new farming paradigm based on No Tillage.

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It is a three-day, agriculture-related event. Consolidated as the most outstanding event regarding knowledge in the farming field in our country, and an example worldwide. It is a multi-thematic congress with numerous rooms functioning simultaneously.

The Congress is an on-site event taking place, for the first time, in La Rural in Palermo (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires), from August 7 to 9, 2024.

The motto of the thirty-second Aapresid Congress is “Everything is connected”. The Aapresid Congress has been connecting innovation, technology and knowledge for more than three decades, aiming at promoting increasingly sustainable productive systems. We are committed to connecting deeply with the soil in which we produce, with the purpose of building a sustainable future collectively. We know it is a serious challenge, that is why we seek to enhance the bonds between producers and communities, sharing the knowledge obtained from experience, science and innovation.

This edition of the Congress will have 4 big axes: Economic, Social, Technological and Environmental-Productive, with a total of 90 lectures organized through 12 thematic axes:

• Soil Health and Climate Change
• Bioeconomy
• Biotechnology
• Regenerative Agriculture
• Integrated systems
• Crop management
• Machinery
• Agtech and Digitization
• Water Management
• Public Policies
• Quo Vadis
• Communication and Education

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Everyone can be part of the congress. It is open to the entire community interested in agriculture or the subjects addressed in each axis.

Ticket prices will be published on this site once the registration system is launched. There, you will be able to choose between different types of tickets with important discounts and special offers.

Aapresid has cooperation agreements with many universities, and students from said universities will have access to ticket discounts. Contact the career services of your university.

In addition, university students that attach their Certificate of Registered Student Status, will have access to an important discount for every type of ticket.

An Aapresid member will be able to register for free as long as their fees are paid to date.

The registration deadline for the Aapresid member to be able to attend the Congress free of charge is August 5th, 2024. Once that date has passed, the member must register paying the total cost of the ticket.

1st step: make sure you are up to date with the institution fee. The day before registration, Aapresid will upload a list of mail accounts for those members whose fees are up to date.

2nd step: enter into the Congress web section, click on the space “Are you an Aapresid member?” on the “I WANT MY TICKET” button. You will be asked to upload your e-mail account, ID number and to complete a registration form. You can also do this through the button included in the e-mail about the Congress that will be sent to the account registered on the Aapresid’s member database.

3rd step: once this information is completed, your registration will be ready. You just have to arrive at the Congress with your ticket, which will be sent to you via e-mail, or you can enter the Congress virtually using the same information–e-mail, ID number and membership number.

1. As a member, to be able to register for free you must have your quota up to date.

2. Make sure the e-mail you are using is the same as the one you have registered in Aapresid as a member.

You can enroll online up until the last day of the event, which is Friday, August 9.

Nevertheless, we advise you to enroll up until Monday, August 5 due to system operational matters regarding registration that will make your entry to the event easier.

Yes, certificates of participation will be delivered in digital form at the end of the event.

The timetable will be available in the Congress section of Aapresid’s website. You will be able to download it. Names and themes in the program will be regularly updated.

Yes, we offer simultaneous English-Spanish translation in three conference rooms.

Only one of the rooms will transmit its lectures live through the website of the Aapresid Congress. Said lectures will be access-free and open to the public.

Yes, you can access other lectures and rooms being filmed. They will be available after the congress.

You can contact Aapresid’s marketing team through [email protected] or [email protected]. You can find more contact information at:

Once the payment is done, Aapresid will be sending the correspondent invoice. You must previously send proof of payment at [email protected].

You can contact us through [email protected]